Are you a collection agency?
The answer is No (if we were, the law says we would have to say so). A collection agency specializes in the collection of delinquent debt, whereas we specialize in locating and helping individuals and businesses in retrieving funds that are rightfully theirs.

Are there any upfront costs?
The answer is NO. We handle the attorney fees, filing fees and various miscellaneous charges and more to help you overcome what can seem like a daunting task of recovering your money. We only receive a portion of the money that we recover for you AFTER all the work is done. Contact us for more information and we’ll discuss everything upfront.

How soon can I get a refund?
It depends. Each case is different and each circumstance is different. Assuming we receive all the necessary signed paperwork back from you in good time then a turnaround time between 60 to 120 days is typical for a surplus foreclosure case. Bankruptcy cases can take about 60 to 90 days. Again, each case is different, there can be extraneous circumstances that cause the turnaround time to be a bit longer. We work as quickly as possible and will notify you if a refund is available sooner. Contact us today and we’ll get started working for you!

How do I know this is real and not a scam?
It is highly unlikely we would do an initial search, incur expenses to confirm and then try to waste your time with a made-up story that leads to nowhere. We do this for profit and only get paid when you have unclaimed funds waiting for you. Again, there is no cost to you (aside from getting documents notarized) and we pay all the legal and miscellaneous fees and court costs so it would really be a stretch if we contact you in an effort to scam you. Contact us if you are still skeptical or if you have any further questions about the process.

Where does the money come from?
The government is currently holding onto over 14 Billion dollars, hidden in various departments, agencies, and bureaus, made up of funds (related to property sales, foreclosures, tax over-payments, mortgage over-payments, bankruptcies and other types of transactions) that belongs to citizens. What most people don’t know is if the funds are not claimed within a prescribed period of time (the funds become available to be claimed after a certain amount of time has passed and must be claimed before a certain amount of time has passed) and the period of time to claim the funds varies from state to state and varies between different departments. If the prescribed period of time elapses, the government gets to keep your money. How much time and resources do you think they have allotted to returning money they can potentially keep? The onus is on you to get your money. With our help you can do this as quickly as possible. If we have contacted you it means ‘the clock is ticking’ and we would encourage you to start your claim process as soon as possible. Contact us if you are still skeptical or if you have any further questions about the process.

Can I handle the claim process myself?
The answer is YES. You could begin by trying to remember which transaction you had that could have resulted in money coming back to you. Then start inquiring with the various government agencies, clerks and archive records to find your transaction. You most certainly can do this (if you have the patience) on your own OR you can have our team help you. If you do decide to pursue the funds yourself, we suggest that you at least consider hiring an attorney to assist with claiming the funds and navigating the legal hurdles of the process and remember, the clock is ticking on the time within which to claim your money. To get started on your search, you can take a look at the list of phone numbers to call the various states or you can contact us if you are still skeptical or if you are ready to begin the process.

Is there a deadline to claim these funds?
The answer is YES. The states create their own methods of handling surplus funds and they have various time frames within which these funds can be claimed. Certain monies/assets might be subject to a statute of limitation or a court-imposed deadline. In some situations, if the time period to retrieve the unclaimed monies/assets has passed, they can no longer be recovered. If no action is taken, your claim rights could expire and the money is escheated (permanently granted) to the state. Contact us if you wish to get started with your claim or if you have any further questions before you get started.

What is the cost to have you recover the funds/assets?
Overage Refund and Asset Recovery LLC’s agreement provides for the retrieval of the financial asset on a fee percentage basis contingent upon the successful recovery of your monies. We take into account in what is required to fully document ownership, the risk we undertake relative to the resources we typically expend to prove ownership, the difficulty in recovering the funds, research, defending against fraudulent claims and attentiveness to the numerous other details to complete the recovery of the funds that are rightfully yours.

What do I have to do to begin the recovery process?
To start the process, you will return our fully executed agreement (which includes a notarized copy and limited power of attorney) to Overage Refund and Asset Recovery LLC. This will provide us with permission and authority to act on your behalf to request the release of the funds. From time to time, the agency holding the assets may request additional information and/or documentation. To get started, please call the number on the postcard we sent you or the number given when called. You may also contact us via email here.