What We Do

Research Held Monies
Overage Refund and Asset Recovery researches, locates and audits archival records with information on monies owed to private individuals which are being held by State, Federal and Municipal agencies across the country. Usually there is a short window of time to claim these monies before they are permanently lost (escheated) to the government agency holding them.

Contact the Owner(s)
Once these funds have been identified we contact the rightful owner(s) prior to conducting more in-depth research of the funds being held. We determine the cost of retrieval, the likelihood of counter claims, and the potential time it will take for the court to process and disburse the funds.

Start the Recovery
Once the documents are signed, we issue instructions to our various teams so they can start the recovery process. Our fees are based on our risk, time investment and costs. We never charge an upfront fee and take full responsibility for all associated charges, even if attempts to collect the funds prove unsuccessful. We are paid ONLY upon successful collection of your claim.